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Friends Only. [24 Apr 2007|01:25am]
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Want to play? Comment to be added. Listen to Dexter.

Or else. >:)
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friends only [03 Aug 2006|03:41pm]
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//friends only// [26 Jan 2006|12:46am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Lots of things are mysterious. But that doesn't mean there isn't an answer to them. It's just that scientists haven't found the answers yet.

For example, some people believe in the ghosts of people who have come back from the dead. And Uncle Terry said that he saw a ghost in a shoe shop in a shopping center in Northamptom because he was going down into the basement when he saw someone dressed in gray walk across the bottom of the stairs. But when he got to the bottom of the stairs the basement was empty and there were no doors.

When he told the lady on the till upstairs, they said it was called Tuck and he was a ghost of the Franciscan friar who used to live in the monastery which was on the same site hundreds of years ago, which was why the shopping center was called Greyfriars Shopping Center, and they were used to him and not frightened at all.

Eventually scientists will discover something that explains ghosts, just like they discovered electricity, which explained lightning, and it might be something about people's brains, or something about the earth's magnetic field, or it might be some new force altogether. And then ghosts won't be mysteries. They will be like electricity and rainbows and nonstick frying pans.

--the curious incident of the dog in the night-time, by mark haddon. chapter 151, page 100.

this journal is friends only. leave a comment if you want to be friended, and in that comment give me a new book to read or a new song or a new band or a new movie, or a mix of all of these. then i'll friend you back and recommend one of my own. it's a good system. ♥

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Really hard to believe. [02 Sep 2005|10:56pm]
[ mood | determined ]

I went to New Orleans for five days when I was...what. Twelve? Thirteen? I think I was thirteen. I clutched my tattered Anne Rice book with me wherever I went, in hopes I ran into her at, I dunno, Cafe du Monde or something. I never did. But I carried that damn book everywhere, just in case.

The Cathedral's gone. Bourbon Street. I heard that the French Quarter isn't totally decimated, but the Garden District...Christ.

So I'm here to invite anyone in the Houston area to come with me next weekend to help out with the Red Cross. I know we have to call and sign up for the one to two hour training, and that the shifts are ten hours long, but these people have nothing, and I've no money of my own to give. So I figured I can help with labor, if nothing else.

If you live in Houston and you want to help out, email me at viva.la.elfman[at]gmail.com. I can cram four people in my car and I'm willing to drive anywhere to meet anyone, if you want to help out.

Think about it. These people have nothing. They lost their homes, their families, they lost their birthplace. They lost their animals. They have no clothes, no shoes. They're sick, dying. The least we can do is offer some help, food, water, something.

Rachel, Alli, if y'all see this, c'mon, let's do something. We can make it fun. I guarantee you'll feel so good about your decision. Kara, come on. We can sort through our clothes, make a day of it. We can help someone else out. I know we're in college and that sucks a lot of your money, but these people can't even go out and buy Advil for a headache. Women are on their periods. Women are pregnant. We have to help somehow.

So email me, and I'll give out my phone number to anyone interested. Please, come on. I know a few of you on my flist live in Houston--let's all help out our neighbors.

This post is public in case anyone not on my flist runs into it. Please email me, my name is Jen. Drop me a line.


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New and improved friends-only banner, done by Alex. [07 Aug 2005|06:05am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

I wanted to put this up ages ago, but I'm Lazy. With a capital L. Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Comment to be added, give me a legitimate reason for adding you. If I don't, nothing personal. I just probably don't want you reading my LJ.

Or you were shitty to some of my friends. It happens.

Have a nice day.

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[10 Aug 2004|10:00am]

This journal is now friends only. If you wish to be added, please comment here. Thank you.
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W00T!!!! [18 Apr 2004|05:51pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

WE WON! WE WON, WE WON, WE WON, AND BRAD AUSMUS GOT A HOMER!!!! ::dances:: Alli, Reiko and I were there and it was SO FREAKING AWESOME!! It was just...WOW.

And after the game we waited on Crawford for the guys, but then we realized someone had told us wrong, so by the time we found where we were supposed to be, we'd missed most of the players.

We for sure saw Jeff Kent, who came out first in a black truck and sped off, Mike Gallo (I love him! I told him he was awesome and Alli said he rocked and he laughed and said thanks), Richard Hidalgo (he didn't stop, but he smiled and waved), Jeff Bagwell (he stopped and signed stuff for fans at the beginning of the driveway, but then he left...but Alli and I got his license plate number, XD), we THINK we may have seen Brad--he was either on the Harley or in the silver Mercedes. I'm betting on the Mercedes.

Who else did we see....We saw Raul Chavez. He actually pulled up to the curb, stopped, and signed, like a bunch of autographs, but I was feeling antisocial towards that backup catcher, so I didn't feel like getting an autograph. We missed Biggio and Clemens, who are the first ones to leave, but we saw a few others. It was neat.

Next time, we're getting there way earlier, we're staying late, and we're going to wait until one of us gets the autograph we really want--Alli wants Biggio, I want Ausmus, Reiko wants Ensberg. It WILL happen, people! We are bound and determined!

But yeah...GREAT DAY AT THE BALLPARK, even though we were on the terrace deck and it was an unholy state of hotness. But oh well--SO WORTH IT. ::dies:: Once I was there, I didn't want to leave, and once I left, I wanted to go back. We HAVE to go back.

Clemens was freaking AMAZING today. 7 k's, dude. Four hits, one run, in seven innings. ::drools:: He's just...wonderful.

And tonight, at seven, we're watching the A's game. XDD. Yay!!!!

By the way, for anyone that cares, Ausmus drives a silver Mercedes, Bagwell has a black H2 (we'll give you the license plate number if you really want it, XD), Clemens drives a burnt orange H2, Gallo has a white truck, and Kent has a really uber-nice black truck. Yay!

We're SO stalking Ensberg next...

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...I don't know quite what to think... [16 Apr 2004|11:09am]
[ mood | okay ]

So yeah, his song is still "Enter Sandman." I wondered if he would change it or not. But I guess that song is just too perfect for him to change. ^__^

"Metallica's "Enter Sandman" blared through the new sound system at Citizens Bank Park. In from right-center field jogged the short, left-handed closer wearing No. 13 and the word Phillies written across the chest.

All was good in Phillies Nation, as Billy Wagner circled the front of the mound, grabbed a baseball and got ready to pitch for the home team."

HOUSTON IS HIS HOME TEAM. ::sniff:: Sorry, still pissy about El Tradeo. I'll get over it...in a couple of years. -_- And for anyone that thinks I'm being stupid, how would YOU like seeing one of your favorite players...uh...traded to another...team...

Okay, only Smoke can back me up on this, everyone else just bite me. :P

What else about the article did I like...hmmm...

"He's like (Jim) Thome as far as the fans falling in love with him," said manager Larry Bowa. "When he hit 100 mark, I didn't know what the roar was about. Then I looked up and saw."

That's really, really good to hear. I'm so glad the Phils are treating him right. We really miss him, but at least he's appreciated. And be prepared for more of those 100-MPH heaters!

"I was looking for the mph board the whole time," said Mike Lieberthal. "I was wondering the whole time what his speed was. I'm just glad he was good control and his ball comes in really straight. And the song was really cool. It pumped me up."

Cuteness, Lieby! Yeah, Metallica rocks. Go you, you sexy ickle catcher, you!

Marlon Byrd is also a fan of the song, now, as is Bell. Doug Glanville, who lists Hall & Oates as his favorite band, had a slightly different take on hearing that melody.

"It took me back to Minute Maid Park," Glanville said. "It's nice for it to be on our side. He can play that all he wants. I want to hear it a lot this year. Maybe I'll play it in my car."

Roberto Hernandez said he never had a song when he was a closer for the Devil Rays and Royals. He just came into whatever song was playing, and that ranged from Latin, to hip-hop, to R&B."

"I listened to everything," he said. "I've heard (Metallica) enough in other cities, though. Whatever gets it done."

It was sweet music in Philadelphia.

"It's fun to get off the snide and pick up a much-needed win," said Wagner. "You get 43,000 people screaming at you, it's a little incentive to pick it up a notch. That's why I'm here. I want to pitch. Get me out there."

::laughs:: Awesome!! ::dances:: That's so cool. That's it. I'm taking a trip to Philly just to see Wags pitch and hear that song again as he trots in from the bullpen. Reiko, remember that Sunday afternoon Cards game we went to, when we didn't even see him touch the bullpen door before we knew who it was? XD. That was so awesome. We started freaking out about it and THEN people realize who it is. It was way fun.

Thanks, Wags, for all the good times at Minute Maid Park. Hope you have a superb year with the Phillies. ^__^

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WAI! Even though I just said this on her journal.... [15 Apr 2004|11:08am]
[ mood | accomplished ]


Hope the Phillies win their next game for you. ::cuddles::

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Oh, and since I forgot but now I have remembered.... [14 Apr 2004|05:02pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]


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oh, lord, I'm tired... [12 Apr 2004|08:48pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Went to Kane's around three-ish and played DDR for nearly four hours. x_o It's SO MUCH FUN, but it's exhausting! And I was on LIGHT mode!! But yeah, it was awesome.

And then I come home and see the bases loaded with no one out and the score tied. -_- Damn Cardinals. Damn Fernandez! I hate that friggin' knuckleballer! He sucks!

Eh. Duckworth is doing okay. At least they haven't scored anymore runs. Or so I think. I looked a few minutes ago and it was top of the fifth, Cardinals winning by a run, two men on base with Berkman up. ::prays that we do well::

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Stolen from Alex... [12 Apr 2004|12:21pm]
[ mood | tired ]

A very "special" dictionary. by lily22
Look up:
Definition:Dictionary-like; one who speaks in an abstruse fashion; one whom people frequently consult.
Created with quill18's MemeGen 3.0!

O.O....how creepily accurate is THAT?
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WAHOO! [11 Apr 2004|10:47pm]
[ mood | amused ]

I'm downloading it now! Took, like, a bajillion tries, but I got it!

Jimmy's Chicken Shack, "What Do I Do (Right)?" It's such an awesome song. Go get it now, right now! Barry sings a part of it jokingly to Mark in Track Eight. ^__^

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::hoarse voice:: Oh, dear Lord... [08 Apr 2004|12:04pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

You guys, Roger Clemens is a freaking GOD. I have never in my life seen such an amazing pitching performance. Nine strike-outs. Seven innings, only one hit. HE STRUCK OUT BARRY BONDS TWICE. That was the best game I think I have ever been to.

I can't tell you how freaking happy I've been as of 6:05 pm last night. I am just...floating. God, I'm SO freaking happy.....That was absolutely amazing. I can't even praise that man enough, it was just....Damn.

We won 10-1, by the way. ::beams:: God, Roger, I *love* you!!

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[06 Apr 2004|10:54pm]
I have nothing to say. I hate the Giants, I am going to kill them, I am going to cry, and I am going to bed.

'Stros, I hope you do better tomorrow when I'm there cheering you on...
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OH, THANK GOD, HIDALGO!! [06 Apr 2004|10:32pm]
[ mood | FRANTIC ]



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OH. MY. GOD. [05 Apr 2004|09:07pm]
[ mood | shocked ]

Thank you, Octavio freaking Dotel. Thank you SO much for SCREWING US OVER IN THE NINTH INNING WITH THE GIANTS. We were tied 4-4, you jackass. It's YOUR FAULT we lost 5-4! You KNOW the Astros don't do well under major pressure like that! BILLY WAGNER WOULD NOT HAVE THROWN ALL THOSE BALLS IN THE DIRT, YOU PRISSY MAMA'S BOY.

That's it, Christy. Give us Wagner back or we'll take him by force. -_-

In the name of all that is good and holy in this world, I miss Billy Wagner...

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hehehe [01 Apr 2004|12:10pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Yeah, watching Brad on mlb.com. I love that interview. I've seen it, like, ten times already. ^__^

I ONLY HAVE FOUR DAYS LEFT!!! ::dances:: Jesus Christ, I'm so excited...

I wonder if there's a game on now. I bet there is. And I still have Reiko's CD player...

I'm gonna listen to it. Later, all.

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teaching Bethany something. [31 Mar 2004|08:35am]
Here's an lj cutCollapse )
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I am in a weird mood... [27 Mar 2004|09:01pm]
[ mood | amused ]

I am reading all these useless facts things online. It's cool. I can't stop. It's just...cool.

Did you know that a cat's urine glows under black light? Yeah, neither did I. Or that powdered non-dairy creamer is flammable? I'll have to go try that.

Also, any Rubix cube combination can be solved in 17 turns. I want a Rubix cube now. I never had one of those. I bet it would've pissed me off. Good thing I never got one.

OOH. Did you know that a koala's fingerprints are so closely resembling a human's that they can be confused at a crime scene investigation? Yeah. That's so neat.

Did you know that if you drop a raisin in a fresh glass of soda will bounce up and down continuously from the top of the glass to the bottom? I am *so* going to have to try that....

If you care about this kind of random stuff (like me), go to these sites:


There. Later, all!

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